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Your vibe attracts your tribe

25 February, 2017

We are funny beings, all of us. Well, most of us anyway. There is this weird thing where we all try to fit in with others, our friends and family, people we know and even people we don't know. What's up with that? Sure, there are those common values like being good and kind to others, respect and love. But those values should be a given, we all should be careful of people around us, not do things that would harm or offend them. But we tend to speak what we think others would want to hear us say, dress and listen to music only to fit in. I think that's awful. One of our greatest qualities is that we are all unique individuals, with our problems, fears, needs and dreams. And acting like someone who we are not is a sure way not to achieve what we want in life. Why do we even want friends who will like us only if we do and say what they expect us to hear? We cheer for being true to ourselves, and the beauty of living life like this is that whatever we do or say is a test for others. To see if we're a good match. This applies to everything in life, our potential friends, soul mates, business partners. If we are being ourselves all the time then we will attract only those people who are actually like that as well, and will like us for it. That's the real philosophy of Town Tales. By playing with Town Tales you are put into situations where you will see that a lot of people look weird at you for trying to interact with them. But this is where the beauty lies - if those people are not like you they simply didn't pass your test, especially if you tried hard because they some people just might be scared of the new situation you just put them in. No need to look down on anyone, but your eyes open and you are now aware that you can just say 'Take care' and walk away, someone who is a perfect match for your personality and needs for friendship and adventure. This is how you make friendships that last forever, meet your soulmates and achieve both personal and business success. Be true to yourself and act as yourself on TURBO all the time. You will only speed up the process of meeting the right people.

By Lovro, co-founder of Town Tales

Better World

21 February, 2017

Welcome to Town Tales blog. We'll be writing about interesting events and ideas that are connected to the vision of Town Tales - which means a lot of articles about travelling, kindness, personal growth, guides and tips about adventures and so forth. As you might have figured out, we are all about helping the world be a better place.

By Lovro - co-founder of Town Tales